We’ll be documenting some of what is going on in and around Palestine Place on video, here, as well as on our Youtube and Vimeo channels.

Ilan Pappe Talk: Watch the first part below or click here for the full playlist.

Mahmoud Sarsak Vigil:

Footage from the G4S protest.

Views from the street…

During our film training workshop we went out to the streets to get people’s views on Palestine.

On Friday 8th June the renowned Israeli historian Ilan Pappe gave a powerful, enlightening and charming talk, answered some great questions with equally great answers, and generally had a great time.

Audio of the event is now available to be streamed here.

Direct download links:

Talk at Palestine Place: MP3, or Ogg Vorbis

Q&A at Palestine Place: MP3, or Ogg Vorbis

Video coming very soon!

6th June – Highlights from Frank Barat’s part of the International Law and Palestine talk in conjunction with Daniel Machover.

5th June – Footage from the solidarity football action, for Mahmoud Sarsak

First Weekend – Great spoken word from Da Poet


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