Ilan Pappe Speaks at Palestine Place – Download or Listen Online

On Friday 8th June the renowned Israeli historian Ilan Pappe gave a powerful, enlightening and charming talk, answered some great questions with equally great answers, and generally had a great time. Audio of the event is now available to be streamed here. Direct download links: Talk at Palestine Place: MP3, or Ogg Vorbis Q&A at … Continue reading

Video from Mahmoud Sarsak Solidarity Demo 5th June

5th June- Demonstration in support of Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Sarsak from Palestine Place on Vimeo. Here’s footage from when we took to the streets with a few footballs in solidarity with Mahmoud Sarsak, the Palestinian footballer who is still on hunger strike, more than 80 days after he started in protest at his imprisonment by … Continue reading

Video Highlights of Frank Barat (Russell Tribunal) talk from Palestine Place

Highlights from the 6th June meeting at Palestine Place, a reclaimed building in central London hosting 2 weeks of events for Palestine. These highlights are taken from the Palestine and International Law talk given by Israeli-born solicitor and founder of Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights Daniel Machover and Frank Barat of the Russell Tribunal.

Da Poet at Palestine Place

Da Poet at Palestine Place from Palestine Place on Vimeo.