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A brief debrief:

Sadly our two weeks have come to an end and Palestine Place is no longer a physical space. But the network we’ve formed is still going. So watch this space.

We have had two weeks of thoughtful discussion, sharing of skills, food, music, poetry, tea, ideas, hugs and lots and lots of warm love with people from most interesting places (thanks to our amazing outreach team!). We made friends for life and contacts which will take us far. We defended ourselves in court against eviction, we took part in actions in solidarity with Palestinian hunger strikers and against arming the Apartheid.
Mahmoud Sarsak to be released

As for Mahmoud Sarsak, after weeks of conflicting rumours in all directions, some great news that finally seems reliable: he has ended his hunger strike and will be released on July 10th! (Ma’an News / The Nation / Haaretz / Electronic Intifada)

However he is still being refused proper treatment in a civilian hospital, and is barely being allowed to leave his prison while still in an extremely dangerous condition. Email the hospital on to demand that Mahmoud Sarsak is given full and proper medical treatment.

Au revoir, nara, and ma salama,

Palestine Place


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