Update – events this evening

The list of this evening’s events:


All day Everyday…

Exhibition of paintings by Artists in Gaza/Islington Friends of Yibna

Exhibition of photographs by youth from Aida Refugee Camp/Lajee Center

“I Am Palestine” – Image & Sound Installation


Friday 15 June

6pm Implications of the Syrian uprising for Palestine
Discussion facilitated by Rif

7pm ‘Journey Through Thorns’
One man’s story of growing up in Gaza during the First Intifada and setting up a trauma centre in Gaza. Presentation and discussion. Excellent introduction to a complex issue through a personal account. Mohammed Altawil and David Harrold. Palestinian Trauma Centre (UK)

8pm-9.30pm Screening ‘Racism Report: Africans in Israel’ documentary followed by panel discussion: David Sheen, Samantha Asumadu and Carol Roper. The documentary demonstrates the racism faced by the African migrant community in apartheid Israel.

9pm Performative presentation on Music and Resistance
With audience participation! By Reem Kelani (Palestinian singer, musician and broadcaster)

10pm Rebetiko Recycled
Rebetiko is the blues of Greece. It sings about love and loss, joys and hardships, oppression and defiance.  It bridges East and West, past and present.  Rebetiko Recycled will present some songs from the turbulent political history of the country.  

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