Palestine Place successful in court today – staying as planned

Today Palestine Place was represented in Central London County Court in heroic fashion by Jim Saxon, in what he described as ‘singularly the weirdest squat defence case I’ve ever run’. We successfully prevented an interim possession order from being issued against our space at 24 Grays Inn Road. This would have made it criminal to stay in the building (scheduled for demolition in August) with near-immediate effect, have been needlessly costly to both the owner of the space and the public purse, and would in fact have slowed down our planned exit from the space, as we would not have been able to remove all our items in time, and the owner would then have been obliged to return them. We instead were able to settle on a standard possession order, which is highly unlikely to be actioned before the end of next week at the earliest, allowing us to have our last day of events on Sunday 17th June as planned, and leave of our own accord.

Palestine Place is now completely safe from the threat of eviction. This is a great victory and relief for Palestine Place and its supporters, and we look forward to an amazing final weekend in this incredible space.


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