Khader Adnan speaks at Palestine Place – video linkup transcript part II

Khader Adnan Live Video Link Up With Palestine Place, London – June 3 2012

Part II.

On the one- or two-state question: the solution is to go back to pre-48 situation, where Jews are guests in the land and all stolen land should go to their rightful owner, rights do not disappear with time.

Even if the rights holder is too weak to achieve that right, does not mean that that right does not belong to them.

He asked people to introduce themselves and explain why they are wearing kaffieh’s – People have been arrested and assaulted in the Westbank for wearing one.

(PP) It is important to bring Palestine into the British imagination. I also wear it as it was a gift from Lebanon. We also get assaulted for wearing it here. What message does he have for the British public?

(KA) two things, one – please let everyone know about Palestine place and invite everyone here – so people know what you’re doing to go out into the streets and protest your government to change the situation in Palestine, to reach out to activists all across the world to work together and to always affirm that we are the rights’ holders and not terrorists as the occupation likes to claim, and these messages should be amplified high to the British public. And to tell those who support occupation that they are partners in the killings. And ensure there are many who continue to say ‘free free Palestine’.

And there is no stop to the awareness right now with all forms of media, internet, they try to shut down the solidarity with Khader Adnan by shutting the web page of Khader Adnan but that did not silence  the movement.

(PP) What do you think of the youth movement and will we witness a change of regime in Palestine?

The PA needs to be honest with the Palestinian people, and let them know the negotiating path is dead, and that we need to resist occupation and stop having a barrier or buffer between the people and occupying force. Occupation in Palestine is one of the cheapest and less costly in the world – they don’t even have to fulfil any obligations they have to the people they occupy why do we have to subcontract the occupation? And more than that, I call to dissolve the PA.

The Palestinian cities are subject to invasion without a way of stopping it or protecting themselves.

Britain was in Jericho, and Britain through the prison guards who were supervising a Palestinian prison witnessed first hand how the Palestinian sovereignty was completely violated.

What did Britain and the PA do since that day to free Ahmad Saadat and the other prisoners who were kidnapped from Jericho prison? Today the president of the PA says he’s depressed/let down. Why is this depression enforced on a whole people who want freedom and dignity? Yet we see even prisoners being able to defeat the occupation from within prison – yet the peace process has not been able to help anyone realise their freedom or dignity – this doesn’t mean we don’t love peace – but we hate surrender.

Our backs are not used to people riding them. We love freedom in the same way you love freedom in the same way you are breathing now – we were born free and we want to die free. In Palestine you can have the best car, eat the best food but without resisting the occupation you cannot say you are living a free life. You could be imprisoned, tied, subject to humiliation, cursing, physical assaults, yet you can go on a hunger strike and be freer than those outside – I believe in going against the tide.

I believe that our hand can fight sharp objects. I believe that the rights holder will always be victorious – victorious if the occupation kills them or they realise their freedom. The greatest free man in the world now is Sarsak who has been on hunger strike for 81 days. Why can’t government and officials around the world change everything that is bad and do something about Sarsak and the people in detention? Why, in our daily life, we come across pictures of celebrities everywhere but not prisoners? I’ll tell you why: people are worried about their future careers and the Zionist lobby.

All the politicians in the world know that the mere mentioning of Khader Adnan is going to anger the Zionist lobby. And that’s why I’m not surprised by the silence and timid reactions to the movement and the Palestinian prisoners, the worst thing he’s heard in response to the prisoners strike was from the US when they claimed they can’t do anything. And that’s why activists and free people in the world should expose the US and say enough lies!

You can talk about anything – Iraq, Afghanistan, South American issues but you can’t talk about Palestine.  The US administration are partners in the occupation.

On the question of the Youth movement: now we see a new movement and a new blood in the streets. We see it in Birzeit uni in the new slogans and for example in Nablus there is a large movement of youth that distribute bread. The same should be done in London – go to a busy square or centre and distribute bread and say this is for the people of Palestine – eat while the people in Palestine are starving for their freedom. And make a huge loaf for the government. Not joking, make a very large bit of bread and tell them to eat and shut up – each loaf of bread should have the name of the governments who have stayed silent over the hunger strike.

(PP) What do you think about the Arab Spring? And what impact will the Egyptian revolution have on the people of Gaza and the West Bank?

(KA) I hope that what the Arab revolutions are bringing will eventually bring through support for a Palestinian revolution and the freedom of Palestinians – I would never stand against any Arab who is looking for dignity and freedom. Anyone standing in the way of these people is wrong. I call on the Egyptian people to end Camp David. Today Egypt has a role in the deal that was reached between the Pal prisoners and the occupation. So why doesn’t Egypt go to the international forum and say that Israel has not been respecting the agreement that it signed – Egypt should use its international relations to expose this situation.

The cycle of history is going forward and it will not go back. There is no – one in the Arab world right now who is going to defend this situation. The most dangerous thing we had previously was the brokers and agents of the occupation who would defend it. Egypt sells gas to Israel at a very low price. And us in Palestine – some people do not even have gas in their own homes or pay a very high price for it (which they buy from the occupation) – what kind of oppression is this?


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