Look back at things so far, Excitement at things to come…

Palestine Place continues to go from strength to strength, with workshops, events and actions happening inside and coming out of the space. Despite the jubilee, this weekend saw more than 150 people in attendance at a variety of workshops, and today’s event on International Law and Palestine (which included free Palestinian food) saw around 60 people attend.

We have even received media attention, with a pretty good article in Haaretz (hidden behind a paywall) about the space, a prominent Israeli newspaper. Favourite quote:

“whoever is behind Palestine Place, the organization is impressive. It occupies a central location in one of London’s busiest business areas, maintains a 24-hour presence to prevent the authorities from closing it down and has a schedule of events and well-designed website”

Let’s ignore the bits of the article that misunderstand history. We don’t hold grudges.

As for action, we had a successful day of direct action football in support of hunger striker Mahmoud Sarsak yesterday which saw demonstrators taking penalties outside Starbucks, and playing a match outside the BBC headquarters. Tomorrow Palestine Place will join a broad coalition of activists demonstrating against G4S’s annual conference of shareholders which will be held in Paternoster Square.

This weekend is likely to be our busiest yet, with prominent academic and author Ilan Pappe kickstarting the whole affair on Friday night from 7pm, followed by a two day workshop hosted by ISM on going to Palestine, Maha Rezeq on Saturday evening, and comedian Jeremy Hardy closing the weekend with a showing of his film “Jeremy Hardy vs the Israeli Army” at 7pm on Sunday. See the full list on our events page.


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