PRESS RELEASE: Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan tells British people: ‘Go out into the streets and protest’

Immediate Release

4 June 2012


Contact: Zaneta 07927189671 or Hilary 07756 977167
Photos: available on request.

Speaking to a Western audience for the first time since his release in April from Israel’s notorious Ramle prison – where he was held without being charged with a crime – Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan, who made headlines internationally by going without food for 66 days, was asked for his message to British people.

Speaking yesterday (June 3) via live video link to a packed room in Palestine Place, a reclaimed space in central London dedicated to discussions and workshops in support of Palestine, Adnan said:

“Go out into the streets and protest your government to change the situation in Palestine. Follow in London what the youth do in Palestine: go to a busy square or centre and distribute bread and say ‘this is for the people of Palestine – eat while the people in Palestine are starving for their freedom’.

“And make a huge loaf for the government. Each loaf of bread should have the name of the governments who have stayed silent over the hunger strike.”

He also called on people to draw attention to the plight of other political prisoners still on hunger strike, including footballer Mahmoud Sarsak, a member of Palestine’s national team.

“Reach out to activists all across the world to work together to save Mahmoud Sarsak. If he was doing what he was doing anywhere else in the world, the whole world would be up in arms to save him. Don’t wait for him to die, do all you can to save his life. In the past he was a football player and now he is a symbol for freedom in the whole world.”

“Tell the British public about our rights and tell those who support occupation that they are partners in the killings. Ensure there are many who continue to say ‘Free! Free! Palestine!”

Adnan also spoke about the “inhumane” conditions Israel forces upon Palestinian prisoners and the “barbaric” methods of interrogation used. He said Palestine Place, established in central London this week, was “pioneering idea” that could help draw attention to Israel’s use of administrative attention, which he called “a form of sentence without charge that exists only in Palestine and Guantanamo Bay.”


=== Notes for editors ===

*Khader Adnan was released on April 18 2012 after the Israeli authorities offered him a deal to end his hunger strike on Feb 21. The wave of hunger strikes was in protest against the lack of family visitation rights, detention conditions including solitary confinement and administrative detention.
*Mahmoud Sarsak is a Palestinian footballer imprisoned without charge by Israel on hunger strike for more than 80 days and in a currently in a very serious medical condition.
*Administrative detention is the system Israel uses to imprison people without charge or trial for six month periods which can be renewed indefinitely.
*Palestine Place is a newly reclaimed space in central London hosting two weeks of workshops, discussion and action in support of Palestine. It is located at 24 Gray’s Inn Road, WC1X 8HP.

FACEBOOK: Palestine Place
TWITTER: @palestineplace


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