Palestine place is here!

Palestine Place is here  [1]  :  Artists  and Activists  put  ‘Palestine  on

the  Map’  with  two  week festival in reclaimed London building

‘We aim to put Palestine on the map with this event. Palestine Place will be a hub for culture, art and activism. If you don’t know anything about Palestine but you’re curious, come over, eat with us, talk with us – this is the place for you’. (Organiser Samira Zaaneen)

In the week commemorating the Naksa (when, following the 1967 war Israel expulsed 300 000 Palestinians from their land) Palestinian artists, writers, academics and lawyers will take part  in  a  festival  of  art  exhibitions,  films,  workshops  and  poetry  in  a reclaimed  building  in  central London between June 2nd-17th

The  organisers  are  a  collective  of  UK  activists  from  human rights,  trade  union,  community, solidarity and Palestinian backgrounds.

Confirmed participants are: Palestinian ‘Paradise Now’ and ‘Amreeka’ actor Amer Hlehel, poet Rafeef Ziadah and writers Selma Dabbagh and Ghada Karmi, Comedian Jeremy Hardy, Egyptian novelist Adhaf Soueif, Author Gilbert Achcar, Photo journalist William Parry, writer and activist Ben White, founder of Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights Daniel Machover, Israeli academic Ilan Pappe and former Israeli combat soldier turned Boycott activist Sebastian Rodriguez.

Live link-ups to Gaza and the West Bank with former hunger striker prisoners and community activists are also planned.

Many  ordinary  Palestinians  will  also  take  part  in  public conversations  dubbed  ‘Al  Awda  Forums’ sharing present day realities, and family histories and experiences of the 1948 Nakba (Catastrophe  or  establishment  of  the  State  of  Israel  where  some 700,000  Palestinians  were expelled from their lands).

Activist  organisations  involved  include:  Smash  EDO  –  which saw  activists forcibly  ‘decommission’  arms  manufacturer  EDO-MBM  in  Brighton  during  Israel’s  Gaza  war  2009;  the International  Solidarity  Movement;  the  Free  Gaza  Movement; Occupy;  Climate Camp;  P.E.D.A.L,  the  Israeli  ‘Boycott  fro Within’,  Jews  for  Justice  for  the  Palestinians  and  the  Palestine  Solidarity  Campaign.  Other  human  rights  groups  working  on immigration  and detention, part.



Website including events schedule: Twitter:


[1] PALESTINE PLACE is at 24 Gray’s Inn Road, WC1X 8HP, nearest  tube  Chancery  Lane  on  the  Central  Line. It  is  a  five floor  building  of  a  major  business  with  links  to  Israel’s occupation.

More details TBA


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